The next step for your Amazon Business

We partner with leading e-commerce sellers in Europe and Latam to help them leverage their full potential.

Caletay is a technology-enabled consumer products company that acquires and operates Amazon FBA businesses with top products to boost their potential.

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  • +100.000M

    Quarterly revenues at Amazon.

  • 44%

    Quarterly sales growth 

  • 200M

    Prime subscribers worldwide

The typical acquisition is completed in less than one month

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    We will analyze your company and determine if we are interested

    Within 48 hours of contact, Caletay will give you an answer as to whether we'd like to acquire your business and how much you could make. We move to the next step with a signed Letter of Intent.  

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    Due diligence and legal analysis process is activated

    Caletay will lead the process of understanding how you've run your business, and confirming financial outcomes. Last we'll prepare the legal documents that you can review.  

    Due diligence
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    Transfer your Amazon account and get paid.

    Migrate your Amazon Seller Central account to Caletay. We'll guide you through our playbook and once the account is transferred you get paid! This whole process can take 30-45 days.  

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¿Why sell to Caletay?

More so than investors, we are entrepreneurs just like you. Leave your business in the best hands.

  • Fast

    • Get an answer in 48 hours
    • Company valuation based on data
    • No strings attached
  • Safe

    • Experience in retail sector
    • All necessary capital for the business
    • Clear legal process
  • Growth

    • Agree to receive a percentage of future sales
    • Brand and advisors ecosystem
    • Growth experience

What makes Caletay different?

We are the top in technological innovation applied to commerce and we use our own tools. Thanks to these tools, we hit the bull's eye and exponentially optimize your business. Our technology allow us to:

  • Analyze supply and demand

    What most people buy and in what part over the world.

  • Analyze the competitors

    We extract data from the competition to improve our competence.

  • Detect Opportunities

    For every undetected opportunity, there is a potential to shine.

  • Analyze sales record

    From the past we can predict the future.

  • Pretarget audiences.

    We stop wasting energy in vain, and go after our most accurate audiences.

  • Optimize advertising campaigns

    Aiming at the bull's-eye.

Our Innovative Technology

We are unique

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  • Business Ecommerce Intelligence

  • Market Research

  • Big Data

  • Seo Amazon

  • Advertising

Is your brand a fit for Caletay?

If you're exploring options for selling your Amazon FBA business, we are a premier buyer with an excellent track record of success in running an efficient sale process and leading brands to new levels of growth.  

  • Compass
    Focus in Amazon FBA

    Our platform expertise is in the Amazon FBA ecosystem and so we prioritize brands selling 90%+ through Amazon. Our 4.5 star rating is the greatest endorsement for our commitment to premium quality products 

  • Medal
    Winning and enduring products

    "Winning products” are ranked near the top of organic search for the most relevant keywords and that have review counts and ratings that hold up well versus competitors.

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    The right scale for our model

    We can be flexible for the right opportunities, but generally we're seeking brands that generate at least $1M in revenue in the last year.

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